Saturday, December 29, 2007

Proof OBL is at least brain-dead

According to Washington Post, Bin Laden has just realized "U.S. seeks to exploit Iraqi oil."

Dear Mr. OBL,
U.S., ALONG WITH U.N., HAS BEEN EXPLOITING IRAQI OIL at least since 1991. But it is good to know one keeps getting news in one's grave even though they are a bit dated. Something is better than nothing I suppose ...

Peter W. Galbraith

F*CK Y*U Mr. Peter W. Galbraith. Nice attempt at trying to reduce us into hodgepodge of ethnicities and trying to tie our survival to the life of one person.

Aren't you the same person who applauded the plan to divide Iraq into three parts along ethnic lines...

Google News

Interesting isn't it? When the "Top Story" should be about Benazir Bhutto, what do these zionist stooges choose to feature? Stories of Al-Q taking over Pakistan.

Two minutes after this sccreenshot was taken, not only was the item about BB probe removed from the top of the world section -- it had some 6,600 related stories -- the complete heading was removed from the "World" section. Of course Stories "-Q taking over Pakistan" still stays at the top of "Top Stories"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Aik General Sala...

Saw this today and felt totally disgusted:
Mardan police ‘protecting’ army
..."The police deployment at the military centre is of concern for everyone. I have never seen police guarding the army — the defenders of the country. Police are supposed to curb crimes and protect people, but they are guarding the army,” Muhammad Saeed, nazim of the Shamuzai union council, Mardan, said...