Saturday, November 17, 2007


Trying to present torturers and cold-blooded murders as victims, while at the same time presenting them as tough, sexy broads (see the picture accompanying the article to see what I mean). Yes, Reuters, it really is "tough" to beat up on people you have just murdered...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

For glorifying a 1000 murders. Click on the title to see what i mean but here is an excerpt:

The entire back row of three on parade at Pirbright Barracks, Surrey, did not get a medal as they had already received one during the "benign" Anglian tour of 2002.

Yesterday, the soldiers called for a recognition of the fighting they had experienced.

"It is chronically unfair that this has not been the case," said one soldier.

So they kill just to get the medals they can wear and look pretty...

Islami Jamiat Talaba

For their disgusting act against Imaran Khan. Read more at "A Hero's Welcome?"

Monday, November 12, 2007

Musharraf's Goons

Thanks to Gumnam @ pkpolitics

Dhake Diyan Khotian, Kargil Diyan Khotian
Supreme Court Aan Khalotian

Awaam Te Ae Hamla Karde
Jujaan , Wakeelan To Ae Nain Darde
Amreeka Di Ae Naukari Karde
Te Saadian Khaande Rotain
Dhake Diyan ………….

Annha Qanoon Te Hakim Zaalam Ae
Her Kaarobar Witch Fauji Shaamal Ae
Besharmi Da Ae Aalam Ae

Te Awaam Diyaan Noochde Botiyan
Dhake Diyan ………….

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dawn Daily

In yesterdays Dawn there was a story titled “Judge removed after issuing notice to SHO

Well today’s Dawn offers a “Clarification” saying Registrar of the Sindh High Court has denied it.

Now here is my problem with this. First, if the story is incorrect, why did Dawn publish it in the first place? Don’t they do any fact-checking? Second, is the story incorrect just because the registrar said so? Shouldn’t they do a bit of fact-finding? Did they at least try to contact the judge in question, namely Shakeel Hyder Shah, about the story and/or about the correction? Are the people of Dawn really this callous/incompetent? Are they just taking dictation?

Remember they also published the story a couple of days ago where the new registrar of the supreme court denied there was any action taken by the real justices against the PCO. It was so baseless in fact that the kangaroo court had to reverse yesterday.

Again, I ask myself why Dawn KNOWINGLY published the lies of the SC registrar, some Miss Saara Saeed. I say knowingly because even I have a copy of that order against the PCO and I am certain Dawn had it too and it was read out on atleast one of the news channels (AAJ?) that day. And now the latest action of this court also proves beyond a doubt Miss Saara was LYING. Shame on Dawn!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Kaf, Kamina, Kutta, Kanjar, Asal Hey Kutti Da...
('K', Shameless, Dog, Whore, in reality is the son of a bitch)

Mush and Bush

While West feigns helplessness (see e.g. "As Pak crisis deepens, US faces diminished power to influence events", "Analysis: Pakistani leader's power grab defies Bush goals, US" and "Musharraf snubbed Brown and Rice on emergency rule" and many more such stories being put out by western press) and stories about US reconsidering Aid (of course the criminals of the armed forces have been assured by both Rice and Pentagon of continued support which takes in more than 90% of that aid) I don't think anyone is buying it. Mush is a lowlife COWARD who pisses in his pants anytime Rice calls. He hasn't even had the courage to face the parliament in over 5 years and I am to believe that such a pathetic creature si going to stand up against the whole West? Please don't make me laugh. MUSH BUZDIL KAY BACHAY, LAKH LANAT TERAY PAY !!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Musharraf Kutta

Musharraf in uniform doing Musharraf the president.
Martial Law By Any Other Name
Aaj taken off air and their offices attacked for speaking the truth and calling it martial law. Last few minutes of their transmission here.The fucking Americans, while "deeply disturbed", have stated they will continue supporting Pakistan -- read Musharraf's criminal rule. See a clip of Imran Khan interview where he rightly calls Mush a traitor who should be hanged.