Sunday, August 26, 2007

Musharraf is much more than a President...

...He is a Brand, according to Shaukat Aziz.

Every brand needs a logo so maybe this will do ...

Shaukat Aziz Trying to Pull a PSM-like Scam Again?!!!

Having so far failed to sell a state asset for pennies -- actually a penny -- on the dollar, Shauki seems to be at it again. Seems that although developers are offering up to a billion dollars for the Roosevelt hotel, Shauki has sent his money-laundering Citibank buddies to evaluate the hotel and they have comeback saying it is only worth $400 million. That's a slick way to make $600 million disappear in a flash...
Further Reading:
The Rich and the Infamous? about Shauki and Sukh Chayn and insider trading. More on it here

Bilderberg - Al-Qaeda Connection on Shauki's and salman Shah's earlier money laundering. And guess who came to his rescue when he was to be arrested? Another money laundered, Ms Bhutto, of course. I suspect she made a deal back then too -- probably to split the "profits" or to cover-up her own laundering...

Some how I trust Naseerullah Babar more that Shauki.
It might be interesting to see the Shauki page on Wikipedia for the whitewash it is.

On a side note: I did not know Mush was Zia's bitch:
"When Zia [ul-Haq] accepted this job of contract killing of the Soviet troops for the Americans, he chose for the task Musharraf and the present Lt.Gen.Mohammad Aziz, now a Corps Commander at Lahore. They worked out a plan, which provided for a clear division of responsibilities---the Afghan Mujahideen and the Arab mercenaries including Osama bin Laden to be trained by the Pakistani military-intelligence establishment with American-British-French assistance....."

Just who is "Misrepresenting the Middle East"?

Certainly not the chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces is what LA Times would like to have us believe. Could anyone be more biased biased? If anyone is "Misrepresenting the Middle East" it is Moshe...Shameless!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Because We Have NO Principles...

our deal with Mush breaks none!

Mush, having taken off his uniform, finally getting to ride Benazir as per the deal. Of course he is not sacrificing any principles either --- he never had any.