Saturday, June 23, 2007

World says missle strike Waheed insists its not

Another 30 Killed by NATO missle strike in Waziristan but Maj. Gen Waheed Arshad says its not really. This time he claims it was just a few shells that crawled over the border thus they did not violate the Pakistani air space and so our air space is still a virgin (at least as much as any other whore).

Later he offered a different explanation saying:
"Actually, (U.S.-led) coalition forces and Taliban were engaged in a fight
last night inside Afghanistan. During the fight some mortar rounds and rockets
hit a small hotel on Pakistani side."

But he still refuses to admit his earlier statement saying there was no proof the missles were airborne...

Hosni Condemns Hamas ...

...for "taking over" Gaza and for winning elections fairly. Well let's see which way Palestine? It certainly is a classic case of divide and rule. But let's see where it all leads. Anything and everything is possible.

World Needs Abdullah says Little French Hitler

Neocon Sarkozy getting cozy with Abdullah...Interesting! Probably it to further America's(read Israel's) New Middle East plans...
(also see "What do Sarkozy, Disraeli and Hitler have in common?" and "How Neoconservatives Conquered Washington – and Launched a War")

Friday, June 22, 2007

Palestinian Pinochets

According to Uri Avnery:

The American aim is clear. President Bush has chosen a local leader for
every Muslim country, who will rule it under American protection and follow
American orders. In Iraq, in Lebanon, in Afghanistan, and also in Palestine.

Hamas believes that the man marked for this job in Gaza is Mohammed
Dahlan. For years it has looked as if he was being groomed for this position.
The American and Israeli media have been singing his praises, describing him as
a strong, determined leader, "moderate" (i.e. obedient to American orders) and
"pragmatic" (i.e. obedient to Israeli orders). And the more the Americans and
Israelis lauded Dahlan, the more they undermined his standing among the
Palestinians. Especially as Dahlan was away in Cairo, as if waiting for his men
to receive the promised arms.

In the eyes of Hamas, the attack on the Fatah strongholds in the Gaza Strip
is a preventive war. The organizations of Abbas and Dahlan melted like snow in
the Palestinian sun. Hamas has easily taken over the whole Gaza Strip.

And according to Ali Abuminah:

The dramatic rout of the US and Israeli-backed Palestinian militias in Gaza
by forces loyal to Hamas represents a major setback to the Bush doctrine in

Before reading accounts of the conflict in the main stream press, please also read pieces by Tony Karon, Jonathan Steele, and Chris Floyd.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

How about returning the money Shaukat?

Since Aziz claims the country has "had broken the begging bowl" and in fact gives aid to other countries, why not return UK their aid money since they want it back, you lady killer you?

Another of Mush's Cronies

Naseem Ashraf! Be aware that he was the head of NCHD which collected billions but did nothing. Example of how NCHD funds are spent:

The Global Resource Mobilization for which Rs 46 million were spent included a grand gala dinner for General Pervez Musharraf in New York in 2004 in which a stolen drama production “Anarkali” was shown.

Before that he ran something called Pakistan Fund which went kaput along with its millions.
So, of course, now he gets kets to PCB's monies :)

Pakistan's 'Other' War

Thanks to for pointing out the documentary about how Pakistan's military government continues to block aid to the thousands displaced by the widening conflict in Balochistan by Ziad Zafar. And thanks Newsline!

Disgusting Intelligence Agencies...

Here are two stories worth noting:
"Mysterious" Death of a former Kashmiri Militant

"I don't know if Mr Ahmad was hit, but I heard the gunshots, and I saw the man with the gun, wearing plain clothes, who walked up to the road and left with the police and the intelligence people who had rushed to the spot."
The body was recovered from the river and taken to the Combined Military hospital in Muzaffarabad. "I believe they carried out an autopsy on the body, and then buried it in a military area. They neither gave us the body, nor the autopsy report," says Jamil Mirza.

When one’s house is not a sanctuary

Bugti also recounts meeting Rauf Sasoli, an activist of the JWP. Sasoli was recently released by the spy services. “The man is destroyed. He is like a zombie because of the torture inflicted on him,” comments Bugti.
The spy arm’s bid to quell the impending insurgency in Balochistan seems to have swept up more innocents than suspected dissidents. But despite dismal returns, numbers continue to grow by the day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sharif Has Elected Me PM

You sorry bitch. First you blow mush, now this claim...PATHETIC!!! I guess I believe Sharif when he says who is he to elect a PM? It is the peoples job to do so. Right Mrs. Bhutto?

Lies, Lies, and More Lies, courtesy of ISPR

Another 22 dead in Waziristan missle attack but of course ISPR says the place just blew up and we should believe 'em, right Mr. Shaukat Sultan? Seems you left ISPR in good hands...Maj Gen Arshad Waheed is cut from the same cloth.

On edit: Make that atleast 32 dead. So now US is threatening Pakistanis with chemical weapons? ISPR still claiming it was a self-inflicted wound and most dead were Uzbeks. Shameless bastards!


The villagers reported seeing a drone that had flown from Afghanistan
around 10 a.m. on Tuesday firing two missiles at the seminary and flattening its

ISPR version:

Major-General Waheed Arshad, who is also Director-General of the
Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), claimed that several casualties occurred
when bombs being made by militants accidentally exploded. He said the place
where the explosions took place was a training facility.

Now who do you believe?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mahmoud Abbas IS A 'quisling', poodle, bitch

Take your pick! What do you mean Abbas RISKS being a 'quisling'? And Shame on U.N. for once again supporting this kind of shit.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shut the F*ck Up

Owais Leghari: You DO NOT relieve poverty by hocking cellphones to the poor, nor by conscripting them into imperialist armies...

'Ambassador to Death Squads' Backs Musharraf

That's John Negroponte. Says he & U.S. fully support Mush and his handiwork. I am sure he wants Mush to do more for the people of Karachi. Only 42 dead? Negroponte must be disappointed! Wonder what "concessions" he squeezed out of Mush...I think we will soon find out. Be prepared for some more "conquests" by our army....

Caught with his Pants Down

Kafeela case: Truth is slowly coming out...his lies getting exposed. Why is Jamil Qureshi still a free man?

Bitch Knights Dog

Somewhere down Salman Rushdie's pedigree a bitch crossed over the wall. No wonder another one is so appreciative...

By the way, check out ALL of his wife ... Being against hijab is one thing but isn't this taking it a bit TOO far, Sir Rushdie?

Lord Ghalat Biyani

The bitch Durrani continues to insist PEMRA and Govt NEVER blocked any transmission...

By the way, he is also one on Farooq Leghari's bitches...Maybe the Queen aught to consider both of them for knighthood as well.

Zakaria joins Uncle Sams/MilBus/Mush Orgy

Says US must not abandon Mush as it is all Pakistan's fault. Go F*ck Yourself, Uncle Tom!!!


Jamali says he still supports Musharraf, no matter how much Mush pisses on him.

What a Nice Guy...

Yesterday threatened to kill a PPP MNA during the NA session because of the PPP MNA exposing the news about there being some relationship between Kafila Siddiqi and Owais Leghari. Remember Minister Rind is married to Ayela Malik, niece of Farooq Leghari.

Contemptible A**hole of the Day

Farooq Leghari: Like Grand Father Like Grand Son...

Why? See "History Repeats Itself" in Dawn:

DERA GHAZI KHAN: In February 1918, Sardar Jamal Khan Leghari accompanying then assistant superintendent of police Andrews along with police and rangers inspected a crowd from his locality and conscripted the youths for the World War I.On May 24, his son Sardar Farooq Leghari accompanying President General Pervez Musharraf arrived in the Sports Stadium, waved his hands to the penned crowd. This time the people were gathered to clap and show allegiance to the top military chief of Pakistan.


It can be seen in the War History Report of DG Khan that despite the fierce resistance offered by the people and certain clans even underage boys were conscripted for the war.Sir Nair in his book, Gandhi and anarchy, writes about conscription in India. He says people cried against conscription. They were forcibly brought from the villages and beaten with sticks. They were made to stand naked right before their women with their hands bound and their shoes placed on their heads.

... (cont.)