Friday, October 19, 2007

Najam Sethi: Let Rapists Go Free To Rape Some More

Well, having claimed Benazir of raping democracy, Najam and his shitty paper 'The Daily Times' are going all out in support of the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) aka Mush/BB deal. Yesterday on Geo on the Kamran Bhai show he even went as far as to say that people who are opposed to it suffer from "middle-class morality." I know what kind of morality you and those around you have Mr. Sethi. No wonder our ruling class consists of pimps, whores, thieves and murderers.

In today's Daily Times, Mr. Sethi comes back with
The NRO has already become irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether the Supreme Court throws it out or not. Ms Bhutto will say she has been proved innocent in the court of the people which matters more. With the government reluctant to prosecute, there isn’t a court in the land which can now unilaterally haul her up and become judge and jury at the same time. Indeed, she has already warned the law not to be ethnically biased.
What a load of shit.

Didn't he also claim (and way back in 1999) that "when the generals are in-charge and the constitution of Pakistan has been temporarily suspended, the press is freer than under democracy." Man, you must be getting paid well by the guys in uniform. Even in late 2007, out of 169 Pakistan is 152nd in worldwide press freedom index according to RSF.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tariq Azim Aiding and Abetting

Or should I say obstructing justice or hindering prosecution?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Musharraf's Pakistan

Then and now - with disgust
"Since no honest and competent political leader will emerge even if the general elections are absolutely fair and free, we have no choice but to start all over again. That will be an opportunity for truth to prevail."
A National Shame by Fatima Bhutto
This bears repeating. No one, prime ministers or presidents, men or mortals, is above the law. How then do we Pakistanis justify our government's promulgation of the ethically repellent National Reconciliation Ordinance?
Battleground Waziristan by Dr Shahid Masood
The US and NATO assertion that Waziristan is becoming a safe haven for Al Qaeda and the Taliban, is proving right. As the region goes on the boil, Baitullah Masud is being called the Mulla Omar of Waziristan. Irrespective of whether it is true or not, the Pakistan Army is resorting to use the military option which is breeding further hatred and facilitating recruitments for militancy.
Crime Pays by Masood Hassan
What cardinal sins has this nation of 160 million, largely illiterate, deprived and poverty-stricken people, done to deserve rulers who think nothing of squandering the country's meagre resources in shamelessly furthering their own selfish causes? Even Sodom and Gomorrah got off lightly compared to what we are being put through.
Eight Years of Musharraf by Ghazi Salahuddin
On Friday -- again, on the anniversary of Musharraf's coup -- the militants publicly beheaded six alleged criminals in Mohmand Agency that borders Afghanistan. The people were told not to offer any funeral prayers for the 'criminals'. Recently, three women were also beheaded in the lawless tribal belt. What does all this signify?
Third Class by Shakir Husain
If readers haven't noticed apartheid exists in Pakistan and while it isn't of a racial nature, it is strictly implemented throughout the Pure Land. The apartheid I speak of doesn't apply to politicians who are part of this new 'deal'; rather it is economic, political, and social.

Nobel Peace Prize

Another war criminal and mass murderer is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his "ridiculous" theory...Yes, I am talking about Al Gore.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Farmers Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz

A top CDA official has claimed that the farmhouses of both the president and the prime minister also fall in the category of those farms which were not being used for the purpose for which they were originally allotted by the CDA. The CDA has quietly informed Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry that President General Pervez Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz have purchased two plots measuring 5 acres and 2.5 acres respectively worth millions of rupees, which were actually meant for boosting production of poultry and vegetables in the suburbs of Islamabad. The CJ has been informed that a total of 25,000 acres of precious land worth billions of rupees in the suburbs of Islamabad was given to 499 tops guns of the country including powerful generals, bureaucrats, businessmen and officials of the secret agencies at highly subsidised rates in the '70s, '80s and '90s under the CDA's policy to meet the rising demands of certain commodities in the twin cities. However, a majority of those who were allotted these plots, mostly army officers and bureaucrats, later sold them at much higher prices after the CDA brought about changes in its by-laws to accommodate some powerful people to sell these farms. Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz too have purchased farmlands from the actual owners.

Read complete story by clicking on the headline above

Monday, October 8, 2007

National Reconciliation Ordinance of sorts needed

Though we might soon see a cat fight between Mush and Ben, reports are one has already taken place involving Mush's wife Sehba Musharaf and Federal Minister for Women Development (no kidding) Sumaira Malik, niece of ex-President current MNA Farooq Leghari -- who is also the father of IT Minister Awais Leghari and Senator Jamal Leghari. According to the report, Sehba accused Sumaira of sleeping with Mush and the confrontation turned physical, involving hair-pulling and all. It is also said that after the incident, an angry Sehba left for US without protocol...I wish someone would confirm Sehba's current US trip.

So this should shed some light on where Musharraf's comment about women using rape for personal gain came from and qualifications needed to gain ministries in Mush's cabinet.
(Reminds me of a line from the old Harold Robbins' "A Lonely Lady" I read some 30+ years ago...)

Update March 21, 2008: Sehba's sudden US trip confirmed which proves the above to be true. Here's a news article, thanks to a reader):

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Musharraf Bhutto Deal

What we are seeing is the script written on July 30 being followed to the letter. So nothing new here...

Now let's see what the Supreme Court does today. Will they chicken-out or show some guts? Will they grab glory or will they succumb to "the pressure" and whine about being helpless against politicians making deals? The ball is certainly in their court...

Collaborators like Hassan Abbas

While the actively support neocon think-tanks like "Jamestown Foundation" that brought you the Iraq war by providing them with ammo against Pakistan(see his paper on tribal areas), they also work against those truly supporting their country's cause (see Abbas dismissing as "Wild Conspiracy Theory" A.H Amin's "5 Minutes over Islamabad".

To learn more about people like him (e.g. Hassan Haqqini, Irfan Hussain who are regularly featured in our media), Agha Yasir's expose is a must read. Aslo see "Behind the Fa├žade of Israel-Pakistan Rapprochement" at SpinWatch.

CitiGroup lending practices same as Mafia

"For years, Citigroup has preyed on the mentally retarded, the elderly, and the illiterate, particularly in the South, to push predatory subprime loans on people most ill-equipped to pay for them. Reporter Mike Hudson, now at the Wall Street Journal, has been chronicling this story for a decade, and in 2003, Southern Exposure magazine won a George Polk award for his investigative package on Citigroup (pdf - must read) and its history of assembling some of the country's sleaziest subprime lending companies under one roof. Lots of people who got subprime loans from Citigroup and its subsidiaries ended up losing their homes long before the current foreclosure crisis."

(So basically, the umbrella in their logo is not meant to protect you but shows what they do to you if you get trapped in their net -- the shove it up your butt and open it...)

New Ass-Kissing Record: Mubasher Lucman on Mush for Four Days in a Row

Lucman and BusinessPluss, while pretending to be unbiased, have been doing a pro-Mush talk show from Punjab University campus. What is disgusting is that all four of his guests each day are pro-Mush and so has been the selected crowd. Also he does not let you know that the shows are paid advertisements, paid for by Central Board of Revenue but of course CBR wants to show it is kissing Mush's ass (otherwise what would be the point, right?) so you see their logo through out the programs and their adverts during the breaks. This is not independent media. This is media whorism at its lowest. Lucman, please stop criticising the politicians cause you are as big a slut as them, if not bigger...