Sunday, July 22, 2007

Three Big Pigs

Mush lawyer Kasuri claims SC's CJ verdict biggest win for ... MUSHARRAF ... I am not kidding!!! ("Capital Talk" on GeoNews the day night of the verdict). Isn't is as big a win because it was AGAINST Musharraf, Porky, you pathetic bastard? You deadliest of blunderbusses!!!

Ah, and lets not forget the rest of the team: Malik Qayyum and Budmushuddictator Pirzada. You can watch Aitzaz Ahsan ripping Qayyum on Capital Talk here(GoogleVideo) or here(YouTube).

And What can be said about Sharifuddin Pirzada? Well, let me point you to "Sharifuddin Pirzada: Administering Miscarriage of Justice for Decades."

And here's more about him in an oldie but goldie piece by Ayaz Amir on NSC from 1999 titled "Sinking into the sand"
Sharifuddin Pirzada as the principal adviser to the Chief Executive? The mind boggles. Pirzada has been adviser, legal counsel, eminence grise to every tinpot dictator since Field Marshal Ayub Khan. What are the generals hoping to get from him? If they want the status quo defended, he is their man. But if this takeover is about changing the nation's destiny, as the Chief Executive insists it is, what will be Pirzada's role who is already saying that his inclusion in the new set-up is not a full-time job? Interestingly, as in the deal he swung with General Zia whose legal adviser he also was, membership in the highest councils of government will not debar Pirzada from his private practice.

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