Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shaukat Aziz Trying to Pull a PSM-like Scam Again?!!!

Having so far failed to sell a state asset for pennies -- actually a penny -- on the dollar, Shauki seems to be at it again. Seems that although developers are offering up to a billion dollars for the Roosevelt hotel, Shauki has sent his money-laundering Citibank buddies to evaluate the hotel and they have comeback saying it is only worth $400 million. That's a slick way to make $600 million disappear in a flash...
Further Reading:
The Rich and the Infamous? about Shauki and Sukh Chayn and insider trading. More on it here

Bilderberg - Al-Qaeda Connection on Shauki's and salman Shah's earlier money laundering. And guess who came to his rescue when he was to be arrested? Another money laundered, Ms Bhutto, of course. I suspect she made a deal back then too -- probably to split the "profits" or to cover-up her own laundering...

Some how I trust Naseerullah Babar more that Shauki.
It might be interesting to see the Shauki page on Wikipedia for the whitewash it is.

On a side note: I did not know Mush was Zia's bitch:
"When Zia [ul-Haq] accepted this job of contract killing of the Soviet troops for the Americans, he chose for the task Musharraf and the present Lt.Gen.Mohammad Aziz, now a Corps Commander at Lahore. They worked out a plan, which provided for a clear division of responsibilities---the Afghan Mujahideen and the Arab mercenaries including Osama bin Laden to be trained by the Pakistani military-intelligence establishment with American-British-French assistance....."

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