Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dawn Daily

In yesterdays Dawn there was a story titled “Judge removed after issuing notice to SHO

Well today’s Dawn offers a “Clarification” saying Registrar of the Sindh High Court has denied it.

Now here is my problem with this. First, if the story is incorrect, why did Dawn publish it in the first place? Don’t they do any fact-checking? Second, is the story incorrect just because the registrar said so? Shouldn’t they do a bit of fact-finding? Did they at least try to contact the judge in question, namely Shakeel Hyder Shah, about the story and/or about the correction? Are the people of Dawn really this callous/incompetent? Are they just taking dictation?

Remember they also published the story a couple of days ago where the new registrar of the supreme court denied there was any action taken by the real justices against the PCO. It was so baseless in fact that the kangaroo court had to reverse yesterday.

Again, I ask myself why Dawn KNOWINGLY published the lies of the SC registrar, some Miss Saara Saeed. I say knowingly because even I have a copy of that order against the PCO and I am certain Dawn had it too and it was read out on atleast one of the news channels (AAJ?) that day. And now the latest action of this court also proves beyond a doubt Miss Saara was LYING. Shame on Dawn!!!

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