Thursday, June 21, 2007

Disgusting Intelligence Agencies...

Here are two stories worth noting:
"Mysterious" Death of a former Kashmiri Militant

"I don't know if Mr Ahmad was hit, but I heard the gunshots, and I saw the man with the gun, wearing plain clothes, who walked up to the road and left with the police and the intelligence people who had rushed to the spot."
The body was recovered from the river and taken to the Combined Military hospital in Muzaffarabad. "I believe they carried out an autopsy on the body, and then buried it in a military area. They neither gave us the body, nor the autopsy report," says Jamil Mirza.

When one’s house is not a sanctuary

Bugti also recounts meeting Rauf Sasoli, an activist of the JWP. Sasoli was recently released by the spy services. “The man is destroyed. He is like a zombie because of the torture inflicted on him,” comments Bugti.
The spy arm’s bid to quell the impending insurgency in Balochistan seems to have swept up more innocents than suspected dissidents. But despite dismal returns, numbers continue to grow by the day.

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