Thursday, September 27, 2007

Et Tu, Imran Khan????

Maybe it should also say "And I am part of that coalition!!!"

"The cat is out of the bag" indeed. Last night when I heard Maulana Fazl had "agreed" to resign and even dissolve the NWFP assembly, I could not believe it...there had to be something behind it, I thought, especially because the date announced for resignations had been moved to Oct 02 instead of Sept 29. I said "Dal mein kuch kala hay."

Well, now we know. By resigning on Oct 02, Maulana Fazl has made sure the dissolution of NWFP assembly will not be possible till after Oct 06, the day of presidential election so the whole question of one federating unit not taking part in the election goes out the door. The full details are Govt given time enough to pre-empt dissolution

I am sure the other APDM leadership knew this and their excuse that we had to agree to the new date because Maulana was threatening to quit APDM otherwise is disgusting. They should have let him quit as they would have not been left with anything worse. Now they all have proved they are also colluding with Mush, and Imran Khan, you have no more excuses like you have for your support of Mush in 1999 and 2002...APDM and PPP are no longer different so might as well revive ARD, but thist time D stands for Dictatorship!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this interesting and informative article. Fazl-ur-Rahman really is a sly politician. But all these are mere formalities and appearances. Fact of the matter is that a person holding the office of COAS is automatically disqualified from contesting the election of president until two years after his retirement. Today the SC has also shown its real face by declaring the petition against Musharraf as not maintainable on technical grounds. The basic problem with our political system is that we lack a firm tradition of democracy and rule of law. From a common man to a military general everyone thinks that the law is right as long as it is on his side but not otherwise.