Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pity -- King Proves He's But A Slave...

...who would act so low as to kidnap a former (some say legitimate) PM of a friendly country(see Saeed Minhas' Is it US vs EU? Inside Stroy of Nawaz's Cooked Up Return to Pakistan). Shame on you Abdullah, Your Lowness. And Shame on you too Nawaz Sharif for lying about your deal -- No one would have held you accountable for it or responsible for it as proved by the SC verdict so why not just tell the truth? That "5-year" piece is bull and you know it. Why are you politicians so averse to telling the truth???? But I do appreciate your taking a stand against Mush and sticking with it. Do please tell Shahbaz to cut the "Bhai Jan" Drama-bazi. You are grown men, for god's sake...

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