Sunday, October 14, 2007

Musharraf's Pakistan

Then and now - with disgust
"Since no honest and competent political leader will emerge even if the general elections are absolutely fair and free, we have no choice but to start all over again. That will be an opportunity for truth to prevail."
A National Shame by Fatima Bhutto
This bears repeating. No one, prime ministers or presidents, men or mortals, is above the law. How then do we Pakistanis justify our government's promulgation of the ethically repellent National Reconciliation Ordinance?
Battleground Waziristan by Dr Shahid Masood
The US and NATO assertion that Waziristan is becoming a safe haven for Al Qaeda and the Taliban, is proving right. As the region goes on the boil, Baitullah Masud is being called the Mulla Omar of Waziristan. Irrespective of whether it is true or not, the Pakistan Army is resorting to use the military option which is breeding further hatred and facilitating recruitments for militancy.
Crime Pays by Masood Hassan
What cardinal sins has this nation of 160 million, largely illiterate, deprived and poverty-stricken people, done to deserve rulers who think nothing of squandering the country's meagre resources in shamelessly furthering their own selfish causes? Even Sodom and Gomorrah got off lightly compared to what we are being put through.
Eight Years of Musharraf by Ghazi Salahuddin
On Friday -- again, on the anniversary of Musharraf's coup -- the militants publicly beheaded six alleged criminals in Mohmand Agency that borders Afghanistan. The people were told not to offer any funeral prayers for the 'criminals'. Recently, three women were also beheaded in the lawless tribal belt. What does all this signify?
Third Class by Shakir Husain
If readers haven't noticed apartheid exists in Pakistan and while it isn't of a racial nature, it is strictly implemented throughout the Pure Land. The apartheid I speak of doesn't apply to politicians who are part of this new 'deal'; rather it is economic, political, and social.

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