Thursday, October 4, 2007

CitiGroup lending practices same as Mafia

"For years, Citigroup has preyed on the mentally retarded, the elderly, and the illiterate, particularly in the South, to push predatory subprime loans on people most ill-equipped to pay for them. Reporter Mike Hudson, now at the Wall Street Journal, has been chronicling this story for a decade, and in 2003, Southern Exposure magazine won a George Polk award for his investigative package on Citigroup (pdf - must read) and its history of assembling some of the country's sleaziest subprime lending companies under one roof. Lots of people who got subprime loans from Citigroup and its subsidiaries ended up losing their homes long before the current foreclosure crisis."

(So basically, the umbrella in their logo is not meant to protect you but shows what they do to you if you get trapped in their net -- the shove it up your butt and open it...)

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