Monday, October 8, 2007

National Reconciliation Ordinance of sorts needed

Though we might soon see a cat fight between Mush and Ben, reports are one has already taken place involving Mush's wife Sehba Musharaf and Federal Minister for Women Development (no kidding) Sumaira Malik, niece of ex-President current MNA Farooq Leghari -- who is also the father of IT Minister Awais Leghari and Senator Jamal Leghari. According to the report, Sehba accused Sumaira of sleeping with Mush and the confrontation turned physical, involving hair-pulling and all. It is also said that after the incident, an angry Sehba left for US without protocol...I wish someone would confirm Sehba's current US trip.

So this should shed some light on where Musharraf's comment about women using rape for personal gain came from and qualifications needed to gain ministries in Mush's cabinet.
(Reminds me of a line from the old Harold Robbins' "A Lonely Lady" I read some 30+ years ago...)

Update March 21, 2008: Sehba's sudden US trip confirmed which proves the above to be true. Here's a news article, thanks to a reader):

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