Thursday, October 4, 2007

Collaborators like Hassan Abbas

While the actively support neocon think-tanks like "Jamestown Foundation" that brought you the Iraq war by providing them with ammo against Pakistan(see his paper on tribal areas), they also work against those truly supporting their country's cause (see Abbas dismissing as "Wild Conspiracy Theory" A.H Amin's "5 Minutes over Islamabad".

To learn more about people like him (e.g. Hassan Haqqini, Irfan Hussain who are regularly featured in our media), Agha Yasir's expose is a must read. Aslo see "Behind the Fa├žade of Israel-Pakistan Rapprochement" at SpinWatch.


Hassan Abbas said...

You ofcourse have all the right to have your opinion - but I will encourage you to read my book and other articles before reaching a judgment. I am proud to be an independent and objective academic.
However, I have one request to make - kindly remove the picture as this has copyright from my school.
Hassan Abbas

Agha H Amin said...

thanks for reading my article 5 minutes NOTA

nota said...

@Agha H Amin

Thanks for reading mine. I am certain you also read my on the article on Watandost.

BTW: I wrote that over two years ago. Haven't had a chance to keep this blog updated -- though I always plan to and have at least a hundred posts that I can think of that belong here -- as I have little time and the time I have, I have been spending on my other blog: F*ck Politics