Friday, October 19, 2007

Najam Sethi: Let Rapists Go Free To Rape Some More

Well, having claimed Benazir of raping democracy, Najam and his shitty paper 'The Daily Times' are going all out in support of the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) aka Mush/BB deal. Yesterday on Geo on the Kamran Bhai show he even went as far as to say that people who are opposed to it suffer from "middle-class morality." I know what kind of morality you and those around you have Mr. Sethi. No wonder our ruling class consists of pimps, whores, thieves and murderers.

In today's Daily Times, Mr. Sethi comes back with
The NRO has already become irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether the Supreme Court throws it out or not. Ms Bhutto will say she has been proved innocent in the court of the people which matters more. With the government reluctant to prosecute, there isn’t a court in the land which can now unilaterally haul her up and become judge and jury at the same time. Indeed, she has already warned the law not to be ethnically biased.
What a load of shit.

Didn't he also claim (and way back in 1999) that "when the generals are in-charge and the constitution of Pakistan has been temporarily suspended, the press is freer than under democracy." Man, you must be getting paid well by the guys in uniform. Even in late 2007, out of 169 Pakistan is 152nd in worldwide press freedom index according to RSF.

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